Mastercard Files 15 NFT and Metaverse Trademarks

Mastercard has filed 15 NFT and metaverse trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, according to an April 11 report.

The 15 applications include several crypto-related technologies Mastercard plans to tap into. As per the report, the payments giant is looking to create a digital community for its users, NFT-backed multimedia, marketplaces for trading digital assets, e-commerce, virtual reality, and more.

An additional patent will add the Mastercard name to a wide range of social events in the metaverse and other virtual worlds, including concerts, sporting events, travel experiences, fine dining events and festivals, among others.

2022 Trademark Applications Exceed Past Two Years

Interestingly enough, the number of US NFT trademark applications filed this year has surpassed those over the past two years:


The number of U.S. NFT trademark applications filed in 2022 has already surpassed the number filed all of last year!

Here are the numbers:

▶️ 2022 1967 apps filed (so far)

▶️ 2021 1965 apps filed

▶️ 2020 23 apps filed#NFTs #Cryptocurrency #Web3

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) March 24, 2022

This is another forward step for Mastercard as it seeks to further expand its reach in the digital assets world. In February, the company announced it would offer crypto and NFT consulting services, and possibly help to develop CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies.)

Security Remains a Priority

Prioritising security for its users is a must for Mastercard – a reason why the company decided to acquire blockchain forensic firm CipherTrace to help keep users safe and enhance its operations in the digital assets space.

Mastercard is also looking to make NFT purchases as easy as buying on e-commerce sites. As Crypto News Australia reported in January, it has partnered with crypto exchange Coinbase to allow customers to use their debit/credit cards on Coinbase’s upcoming NFT marketplace.

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