Australia Ranks #2 for Interest in NFTs, Based on Google Searches

With exchange sites such as OpenSea registering record numbers of NFT listings and sales, the world has been quick to realise the potential of this new class of digital assets and the many functions they serve.

According to the NFT Club‘s recent survey, “A World of NFT Adoption”, the country ranking second-highest in terms of interest in NFTs is Australia.

Source: NFT Club

Taiwan Tops the List

Australia is second only to Taiwan, which has an average of 9,629 searches per 100,000 people and a population of 23.8 million people. Australia notches 8,198 Google searches per 100,00 people, with a total population of 26 million. According to the NFT Club website:

This interest in NFTs and willingness to accept them as a new part of the digital ecosystem is a testament to Australians’ adaptability and openness to new ideas.

NFT Club website

Canada, Iceland and New Zealand follow Taiwan and Australia in terms of NFT interest.

Australia Goes Big on NFTs

Recently, an Australian investor in the NFT space managed to turn US$300 into a whopping US$5 million. Steve Morlando acquired a particularly rare Bored Ape from the popular NFT series Bored Ape Yacht Club for a mere US$300, and it’s now worth about US$5 million. Although Morlando stands to realise a massive profit should he sell, he has no interest in doing so.

The Australia Zoo has also joined the NFT space by collaborating with Meadow Labs to create a unique Australia-themed NFT collection built atop the carbon-neutral Algorand blockchain. The collection celebrates the 20th anniversary of the zoo’s Wildlife Warriors project, and all proceeds go to the zoo and its associated conservation efforts.

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