MultiVersus: Who Is Stripe From ‘Gremlins’?

Stripe from Gremlins is heading to the arena fighter MultiVersus in the coming weeks. Developer Player First Games confirmed the character’s addition, but it did not offer a release date for the character just yet.

MultiVersus Season 1 has already arrived, though unfortunately without three of its biggest additions: Stripe and Black Adam as well as Morty Smith of Rick and Morty fame.

Stripe will fill the much-needed additional villain role that MultiVersus currently seems to be starved for. Plus, there are currently no characters from Gremlins in MultiVersus, and having a character like Stripe will mean some added character diversity. And who knows? Stripe’s presence might open the door for Gizmo in the future.

But who is Stripe, anyway? If you haven’t seen the Gremlins films, this is a character you might not actually know a lot about. What does he bring to the table, what is his role in the Gremlins series, and why should you be excited for his eventual release date? We’ve got everything you need to know about Stripe in MultiVersus right here.

MultiVersus: Stripe
Stripe, above, made his debut in the first “Gremlins” movie. The antagonistic character is now making his way to “MultiVersus.”
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

MultiVersus: Who is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the first batch of five Mogwai that were born from water from a paintbrush jar spilled over Gizmo, the “good” Mogwai. Out of the five, Gizmo’s owner Billy noticed Stripe was a bit different than the others—a lot meaner, for one.

Stripe tries to insinuate himself into a situation where he can be fed after midnight. When he meets his goal, he transforms into his terrifying gremlin form, then unleashes chaos on the town Billy lives in. He’s too smart and far too cunning, and eventually he has to meet his end. He does, of course, by none other than Gizmo, who exposes him to daylight. That’s the last we see of him, officially.

Though he only really made an appearance in just one Gremlins movie, he certainly made an impression, at least enough of one to be remembered years later—and to be immortalized in MultiVersus. We should be hearing a bit more about when to expect to be able to play as Stripe quite soon.

Can’t wait to get your hands on Stripe in MultiVersus? Newsweek can exclusively reveal that Pop! by Loungefly is debuting a special Gremlins-themed line of mini backpacks and accessories featuring Stripe, including the Gremlins Stripe Cosplay Mini Backpack With Removable 3D Glasses (MSRP: $85) and the Pop! by Loungefly Gremlins Stripe Cosplay Wallet (MSRP: $40).

Loungefly: Gremlins Stripe Backpack and Wallet
Pop! by Loungefly is releasing a Stripe backpack and wallet featuring 3D glasses, pictured above. Stripe is one of the latest additions to the “MultiVersus” roster, coming in the near future.

Both the backpack and wallet can be purchased online via the official Loungefly website. There’s no release date just yet for either product, but you can click “Notify Me” to receive an email alerting you when each item will be available to preorder.

It’s nothing like having your own Gremlins character in real life, but if you’d like to celebrate Stripe touching down in MultiVersus in the coming weeks, you can rock a bag featuring the mischievous character when you’re not chilling out playing the game at home.

MultiVersus is available to play for free right now.

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