23 Cream Pies You’ll Want to Shove Into Your Own Face

All pie recipes are great—we try not to play favorites. But there’s something about cream pie recipes that make them ultra-satisfying to eat year round. No shade to pecan or apple pie. And a traditional pumpkin pie can hang the minute fall rolls around. Cream pies, on the other hand, feel right no matter what month it is. In summer, their lush fillings taste light and cooling; come winter, they’re creamy and rich. 

Cream pies are similar but slightly distinct from custard pies. The difference comes down to how they’re filled: Custard pie fillings are baked, while cream pie fillings are not. But we’re not here to be fastidious, so there are a few custard pies below that would fit the bill whenever a cream pie is called for.

Many of these recipes call for a pre-baked pie shell, so be sure to read our guide to blind baking before getting started. Others go the no-bake route (hello, ice cream pie) or use a cookie or graham cracker crust. A blast of heat from the oven solidifies crumb-based pie crusts (the sugar melts, then cools, helping hold everything together), so don’t skip it when directed.

No matter which cream pie adventure you choose, chances are you’ll need an electric mixer, some heavy cream, and a tiny bit of patience as you watch those pillowy peaks form. Ready to get sky high? Read on.

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