Destiny 2: Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector Location

In Destiny 2, the Scavenger’s Den is a Lost Sector found within the European Dead Zone region. If you want to clear this assignment, you’ll need to defeat all the enemies located there in a bid to snag some seriously sweet loot.

Lost Sectors offer ways for Guardians to level up quickly and farm items when playing solo. They first came to Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light expansion, and now they’re a major part of many solo players’ rotation when hitting the grind.

How do you find the Scavenger’s Den in Destiny 2? This particular search will lead you to the Outskirts region, where you’ll be able to move through some undergrowth and a few particularly dark tunnels. You’ll have to head through a cavernous area, more tunnels with laser traps, and trek a bit further to find this particular area, where a chest is waiting.

Sound complicated? Maybe a bit. You need to make the journey to find the pot of gold, so to speak. Luckily for you, we’ve got everything you need to know about tracking it down. Here’s how to find the Scavenger’s Den location in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Scavenger's Den
The Scavenger’s Den in ‘Destiny 2’ in the European Dead Zone area. You’ll need to head here to find the Lost Sector location.

To reach Destiny 2’s Lost Sector in the Scavenger’s Den, you’ll want to first make your way to the Outskirts. You’ll find some machinery near where you should start your journey. Continue moving forward until you can drop off into the green area. Look around for a wooden “Lost Sector” sign near the entryway to a tunnel. When you reach the tunnel, head through it until you come out at another cavernous section. You should be able to find water running near the end of the tunnel.

Continue going forward until you find a group of enemies. Finish them all off, but you can take your time here. Don’t die on your way to finding the goods! Once you’ve defeated the baddies in your way, move to the north through deposits of trash. You should find another tunnel nearby. Push through the other enemies here and get rid of them.

Now, go through the tunnel up ahead and beware the traps waiting for you. You can shoot them to deactivate them, but you may take damage while doing so, so be careful. When you emerge, you’ll find more enemies lying in wait. Kill them, of course, and continue moving forward. Eventually, you’ll reach a boss. You’ll need to wear him down until he’s easily defeated—he isn’t a difficult match, just a slightly annoying one.

When you’ve beaten the boss, the chest and all the loot it contains will be waiting for you there. You’ve found and conquered the Scavenger’s Den!

Destiny 2 is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, PC (through the Epic Games Store) and Stadia.

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