Heat Pump Repair Vancouver: 5 Early Warning Signs

Burnaby, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 08/09/2022 –Nation offers heat pump repair and installation. Heat pumps are a great way to ensure efficient, even warmth in the home while reducing monthly energy bills. However, keeping a heat pump functioning efficiently is essential to reaping the rewards of this investment in this system. For more, go to https://nationheating.ca/heat-pump/

Annual inspection and maintenance are required to keep a heat pump running efficiently. This translates into reduced energy bills, greater longevity, and consistent performance. While some heat pump maintenance like replacing the filters can be handled by homeowners, professional cleaning and maintenance is required for more intricate details such cleaning as filters, coils, and fans that can become coated with dust and interferes with the proper airflow thereby reducing the pump’s performance.

Signs to Schedule Heat Pump Repair or Services

There are a few telltale signs that heat pump repair or serving is overdue:

– Higher than normal power bills

– Poor airflow

– Strange noises

– Unusual smells

– Feeling cold even when the heat is supposedly on

A heat pump that is neglected will start to deteriorate over time. Heating and cooling functions will work improperly, the pump may seize up and trip the breaker, cycles will be off—and a pump can make a whole lot of strange noises.

Nation serves both Vancouver and Burnaby and offers heat pump repair, service, parts replacement, and installation. Keeping a heat pump in tip-top shape is just one more way to optimize the comfort of a home—and save a few bucks in the process.

To schedule heat pump repair, service, or installation, contact Nation at

604-299-5006 or info@nationheating.ca.

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