The Biden White House shares a timely reminder of what ‘every single Republican in Congress voted against’

Every single Republican in Congress voted against Democrat-pushed tax and spending legislation, President Joe Biden’s White House reminds us.

“The wealthy and corporations” will be paying their “fair share” of higher taxes, the administration declares, irrespective of how many jobs might resultingly be cut. As for spending the tax dollars, Democrats file much of that aspect of their agenda under the shallowly-defined yet broadly-inclusive category of “tackle the climate crisis.”

The Inflation Reduction Act will lower costs for families, tackle the climate crisis, reduce the deficit, and ensure the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

Every single Republican in Congress voted against it.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) August 28, 2022

Neither the Biden administration nor congressional Democrats can produce a shred of economic analysis found in planet earth’s orbit of reality that can explain how raising taxes and spending more during a recessionary period of inflation is going to “lower costs for families” or “reduce the deficit.”

What is entirely accurate is that “every single Republican in Congress voted against” the Democrat-pushed agenda of higher taxes and more spending.

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