Danish songwriter THYRA is the core of a new genre: EXISTENTIAL POP

    COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, August 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/The dream pop single “I Miss You Watching Me” by Thyra will release on all the worlds streaming services 23/8 2022.

Danish Radio just recommended Thyra’s dreamy indie sound, witch gave name to a new genre: EXISTENTIAL POP. Every line of her lyrics could be a Rene Magritte painting, flipping your presence to a new meta perspective. About her previous release the press just wrote: “The depth of the song is remarkable. The song has an incredible richness of language by saying very little. The tune demonstrates the concept that a little goes a long way perfectly.” https://musiflo.com/2022/07/16/single-saturdays-thyra-hilden-all-shadows-are-one ( Musiflo.com 16/7 )

Thyra was discovered on SPOTIFY’s NEW MUSIC FRIDAY in week 15. (70.000 followers)

The single I Miss You Watching Me have just been recommended by Danish Radio / KarriereKanonen: https://www.dr.dk/musik/karrierekanonen/artist/thyra-hilden-1

Promoplayer link: https://promo.theorchard.com/dAylKL8lVUjh996aRxwS

Pre Save the song here: https://orcd.co/imissyouwatchingme

Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/A8IvRkPA7_Q

FULL MEDIA KIT & RADIO PLUG – EPK __ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jk1rpeg7el73b2h/AABLWYKCHvHUCKbuyz8mvcMza?dl=0

About the artists:

Thyra’s songs are full of dreamy Nordic melancholy in both lyrics and vocals. She has an airy voice and deliberately understated style, that will lead you into a dreamy state of wonder. There are only a very few artists making existential pop, and Thyra is central to this niche. Most POP is about him, her and couples-troubles, where Thyra’s lyric universe, with humorous meta layers, dive into illusion, confusion and paradoxes of what is real, and who say I ?

Thyra says of the inspiration behind her songs:

“Love and loneliness are basically chemical processes in the brain and body, and this knowledge creates a slightly absurd twist to joy, longing and devotion”

We highly recommend that you listen to her subtle lyrics, review and share her music.


Artist: Thyra Hilden

Release Name: I Miss You Watching Me

Release Date: 23/8 2022 (The artist’s birthday)


UPC/EAN: 196925400121 (Single)

ISRC: QM6P42203267

Focus territory: All the world

Language: English

Written by Thyra Hilden (Denmark)

Vocals by Thyra Hilden

Producer Tendo Herbst (Denmark)

Label and copyrights: 2022 Thyra Hilden

Cover photo credits: Thyra Hilden

Related similar artists: Billie Eilish, Men I Trust, Gracie Abrams, Selena Gomez, SIA, Lana Del Rey, DuaLipa, The Weend, Aurora, The Marias, Taylor Swift among others.

Similar producers: Benny Blanco, Blake Slatkin, Henry Kwapis, Jack Karouac, Magnus Høiberg, Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, Jack Antonoff, Louis Bell, Joel Little, Nigel Godrich, The Doctor Luke, Stargate Music, Rick Rubin, Rob Cavallo, Swizz Beatz, Tricky Stewart ,Timbaland

Spotify profile: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7phO3GYNAflizLwCvfMkll?si=W7xGKDk4TE2Zbdcytw2Z_A

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cityonfire

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thyrahilden


I Miss You Watching Me

By Thyra Hilden

Sometimes poles seam the same


The mirror speaks, set the picture free

Sometimes we’re like static sparks

Blinding me

Stranded sand in the eye of the world

I feel someone watching me

Sometimes I drift around, alone somewhere

When or so, don’t know where to go

Someone else play my part

Blinding me

Grains of sand in a moving world

I feel a strange synergy

Mmm mmm mmm

Sometimes we fall

Into one

Sometimes we seem the same


Were we found? Or were we lost ?

Dissolved to static sparks

Blinding me

Stranded sand in the eye of the world

I feel a strange synergy

Sometimes shells embrace the sea


I sense it clear, so clear it won’t appear

Sometimes objects take my place

Blinding me

The mirror is so clear, it disappears

I miss you, watching me

Mmm mmm mmm

To one

2 1

PRESS Dropbox EPK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jk1rpeg7el73b2h/AABLWYKCHvHUCKbuyz8mvcMza?dl=0

Google Drive EPK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HDa6XG-fXDx28YjhqW3UByvtjAgURbQ8?usp=sharing


The artist Thyra has previously been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, AP, Reuters, Euronews and others for setting virtual fire to giant cultural monuments around the world, like the Coliseum in Rome. Her art has received media coverage worldwide. (See international press: https://thyrahilden.dk)

Review by Musiflo.com (16/7 2022): https://musiflo.com/2022/07/16/single-saturdays-thyra-hilden-all-shadows-are-one/

Review by FusioNostalgia.com (20/7 2022) https://fusionostalgia.com/thyra-hilden-with-her-startling-track-all-shadows-are-one/

Interview by InMusic (1/7 2022) :


Review by Purple Melon (17/7 2022):

https://purplemelonmu.com/2022/07/12/indie-kids-golden-vessel-feat-fe … -goldmyth/

Interview by StreamLine music magazine (28/4 2022):


Artikel af ALCHEMICAL RECORDS (21/4 2022):

https://www.alchemicalrecords.com/thyra-hilden-releases-brand-new-ep- … in-dreams/

Artikel af FUSIONOSTAGIA (18/1 2022):

https://fusionostalgia.com/thyra-hilden-with-her-intoxicating-single- … UIRZVmTdK0

11/7 2022, 20 min. LIVE interview in Spanish/English by Careta Radio (LIVE In Spain, Brasil and Argentina) https://youtu.be/jmhUSIFIYb0

8/7 2022, 30 min. Interview in Danish TV (TV KIP): https://youtu.be/xD3MqWyzJJU

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